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The STM7000DK camera kit features a 7.0″ color monitor with a high resolution DIGITAL display. The kit also includes our most popular 130 (diagonal) field of view color camera with an eye popping 640 TV line resolution. The lens is protected against most rock chips with our special tempered glass that is also nano coated to help remove water and dirt. The extension cable is 66ft long and is shielded to protect against outside radio interference. This system has 3 camera inputs along with an A/V in and an A/V out.

The monitor features a 10G vibration rating, bright LED back-lit (anti-vibration) LCD panel, programable screen dimmer for the best night viewing, adjustable rear stop line (patent pending) that lets you mark where you want to stop the vehicle when backing. The monitor mounting bracket uses a four point AMPs mounting system that is vibration resistant. The camera features a 1/3″ SONY SUPER HAD sensor for a crystal clear picture and great night visibility. This camera is 100% waterproof and is approved for rain, high pressure and steam cleaning.

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