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Building on the legendary Ultimate Snow Groomer platform, Universal is making grooming snowmobile trails easier than ever! With the ski design sensing height changes on the trail and reducing bounce and blade chatter, the Ultimate Snow Groomer Drag takes on the toughest snowmobile trails in the USA. The groomer blades on the Ultimate Snow Groomers Drags are angled and positioned for increase flow of snow, cutting of moguls and easier pulling. The groomer blades are also spring loaded and allow the blade to “trip” over any obstacle too big. The result is efficient and effective snowmobile grooming equipment for winter trails.

The Ultimate Groomer Drag is designed to be pulled behind a tow unit to effectively groom snow trails. It comes in many sizes ranging 8’ wide to 12’6” wide in the base design that has a 20’ long snow processing area. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by building our snowmobile trail groomer drag with tilted side rails to create strength throughout the entire drag and we have additional 2” x 4” internal tubing that provide additional strength that many other manufacturers may not provide.

  • SKI DESIGN senses bottom of hills & bridge holes reducing bounce and blade chatter
  • Stiff Hitch w/ Rubber Puck to absorb shock
  • Blades angled & positioned for increased flow of snow, cutting of moguls & easier pulling
  • 5 Cutting Blades are Spring Loaded and have greaseable pivot points
  • Slow Moving Vehicle Sign
  • 2″ x 4″ center construction, 4 center tubes
  • 2″ x 6″ cross members
  • Extra Bracing at critical points
  • Heavy Duty Cylinders
  • 3/8″ Thick Pan
  • Extended Sides to hold more snow
  • Road tires ( 225-75-R15) and Machined Axles with Greaseable Hubs
  • LED Strobe Light
  • Shotblasted, primed, and painted
  • Cylinder Stops
  • 1 year warranty (on workmanship)

We are proud to share that we have launched the new Ultimate Junior Groomer Drag – this ultra-small trail groomer drag shares the same proven design of the original Ultimate Groomer Drag while offering the versatility of a self-contained power unit to be towed by any tow vehicle with a receiver hitch.  The mini snow groomer includes a self-contained power unit that is housed in a high-quality lockable aluminum tool box with a battery, trickle charger and mounting for the antenna to work with its wireless controller.

  • Design based off of proven full sized Ultimate Groomer, reinforced at critical points
  • 1/4″ thick wall structural steel tube & 1/4″ thick stiff hitch, fully enclosed
  • Hardened wear strips at 3 critical points along side rails
  • 10″ of Ground clearance when raised
  • 2″ Trailer Hitch w/ Rubber Puck to absorb shock
  • Extendable Hitch w/ up to 9″ extension, Shear bolt protected
  • Heavy Duty Front/Side Bumper
  • Removable Top Crank Parking Stand
  • 4 Adjustable Spring Loaded Cutting Blades (Front Serrated, Rear Straight)(Adj. Tension)
  • Cutting Blades angled & positioned for increased flow of snow, cutting mogels, & easier pulling
  • Removable Pins for every blade holder
  • Fixed Position snow diverter after the 4th blade
  • Grease zerks on every blade holder pivot point
  • 3/16″ Pan, 3 bends for added strength, Integrated pull loop
  • 3 Adjustable Pan Guide Runners (Hardened Material)
  • Tires (18.5″ – 8.5″ – 8)” & Greaseable Hubs
  • Toolbox w/ Reinforced floor, Aluminum Diamond Plate, Weather Proof Lid, Angled Lid
  • Wireless Controller
  • Deep Cycle Battery w/ battery charger
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hose, 4000psi
  • LED Strobe Light w/ waterproof connection
  • LED Work Light with waterproof connection
  • Rubber Pan Flap (Bolt on)
  • Primed and painted
  • 1 year warranty (on workmanship)

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