The Built Blades Sabre armored carbide snowplow blade is patented combination blade with a built-in fully welded cover plate, eliminating the need for full-length cover blades. The Sabre cover plate is constructed of Hardox impact resistant steel, aiding in the protection of fragile tungsten carbide bits. Hardox steel is nearly 2X more abrasion-resistant, and 3X more impact-resistant than traditional cover blade steel. The Sabre blade comes in 3-foot and 4-foot non-interlocking sections, which significantly reduces overall blade weight and waste, and require less manpower to ship, handle and install. The bull-nose carbide inserts allow for a wide range of attack angles, spanning from 55°-90°. In addition, the Sabre cover plate has built-in wear indicators that quickly and safely demonstrate remaining blade life and help identify uneven wear points in the blade.

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